The excursions of the Belomorsk Local Museum


“The Belomorsk Petroglyphs” – the rock paintings of the White Sea, carved by ancient hunters and fishermen about 6 thousand years ago. There are boats and skiers, scenes of hunting for elk, bear and sea animals. Tourists observe groups of petroglyphs of Old and New Zalavruga, which include more than 1.5 thousand figures.


“The 19th Gateway of the Belomorsk-Baltic Canal”. In 1931-1933, the Belomorsk-Baltic canal was being built on the territory of the Belomorsk district. The 19th gateway, the last one, was built in a place where canal flows into the White Sea.  Tourists find out the history of the construction and exploitation of the Belomorsk-Baltic Canal in photographs and materials from the collections of the Belomorsk Local Museum, observe the lock chamber, the pivot bridge and hydraulic constructions.


“The Pomeranian Coast of the Frozen Sea”. The White Sea or, as it used to be called, Frozen Sea is one of the smallest seas, washing our country. Tourists walk along the coast, get acquainted with the ecosystem of the White Sea, get information about the hydrological regime of the White Sea, observe high and low tide processes and see the collection of marine flora and fauna.


“The town near the White Sea”. Belomorsk is situated on three large and several small Islands in a place where the Belomorsk-Baltic canal flows into the White Sea, at the mouth of the river Vyg, It is 376 km far to the North of Petrozavodsk. Sea port. Railway junction. The district centre. It was founded in 1938. The Museum offers the sightseeing tour around the historical centre of Belomorsk – Soroka Island.