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The White Sea carving – petroglyphs were created about 6 thousand years ago by ancient hunters – fishers. The are considered to be one of the outstanding monuments of the primitive art in Northent Europe. Petroglyphs are situated in the scenic islands in the lower reaches of the Vyg River as compact accumulation. The sites Besovy Sledki and zalavruga are the most famous groups. Among the 2000 images carved jn the gently sloping rocks there is the “Demon” figure with a large foot and huge phallus – probably the magic of fertilitu. There are many expressive scenes of  elk, Bear and whale hunting, Ritual and war actions, image of the boat with dozens of oarsmen. One can see here the oldest in Europe figure of skiing man, the bird hunter with boomerang. Scientists have found more that 70 ancient sites of long and short duration next to the White Sea rock art. He unique grave with masonry and lost jf amber adornments and flintarrow point have been excavated. Durations, groups of petroglyphs with it’s surrounding form an unique archeological complex. The touristic route “Belomorskie petroglyphs” goes though it’s territory.